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Huzhou Teya Floor Co. Ltd was set up in 2017, and was branch of Hongkong Henly International parquet Co ltd. We are located in Taihu lack in huzhou city , Old country -NANXUN .Hongkong Henly International Parquet was set up from 2012, and business for Solid plank importing and solid flooring , engineered flooring exporting . The company have special supplier system, and make the good advantage of offering . Now according the China Economic developing Policy , Huzhou Teya Flooring Co., Ltd is going for it, and Processing special .


Teya Floor can offer all kinds of flooring, including the solid flooring, engineered flooring, and all design of parquets. The wood species  Teya can offer Russia Oak, American Walnut, Burma Teak, Indonesia Merbau and so on. We can make 3-layer, multi-layer, single boards.


We are professional of flooring processing and materials sources,  the moulding machine is Germany HOMAG , the UV line is Taiwan Fengchaou , the sanding machine is Chialung of Taiwan .

 Our lacquer are supplied by Treffet of Germany, or PPG Germany , the wood wax is Woca, Osmo.

And we have professional Quality control ,and professional processing master.


Welcome to visit and guide us. 


Contact: Henly Lee

Phone: 13587275646

Tel: 05723011079

Email: teyafloor18@139.com

Add: No.2 Qiangyuan Road, Nanxun Town,

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